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Art on a farm

Farm Mapprach in upper Baselland integrates René Küng’s sculptures with nature.

By Shirley L. Kearney

IMG_1819A short distance from Basel City, travelling in the direction of Gelterkinden, in Wisenberg above the small village of Zeglingen, one can easily get lost in the landscape and the history of the 97 hectare farm, or in the 46 sculptures by René Kung randomly and not so randomly placed in harmony with Nature. Both are worth the detour.

The farm has existed since 1747. First privately, then managed through a foundation, and in 2001 “adopted” by Baselland and placed into its inventory of noteworthy heritage buildings.

René Küng, born in Allschwil 80 years ago, is motivated by symbols and drawings which accompany us through generations. Many reach to the heavens, others bring you back to Earth. A repetitive motive is the moon ladder (one can be seen climbing the wall of the Basel Theater), a stone harp and objects created from various stones and wood are seen in a different light; new dimensions take over.

The area is open to the public on the weekend, or by reservation during the week.

A must see for Nature and Art until 12 October 2014. The artist will be present at the Finissage 11- 14 hours.




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