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“Kevin Higgins’s visit was a great success”, reports Esther Murbach (Organizer).

“Kevin Higgins is on his way back to Ireland following his hugely succcessful visit to Basel. All three events were fully booked. For the “Irish Night” we had 43 visitors – the first came very early and the last had to be swept out with the broom (literally!) after 10 pm. The five-hour workshop generated lively and inspiring exchanges among the 14 people who attended. The “Kitchen Reading”, the most informal of the events, was great fun, with a lot of discussion going on after the reading. The audience really enjoyed the wit and black sarcasm of Kevin’s poetry.
I’d like to extend my warmest thanks to all those who participated in any way to make these events possible. Without the idealism and enthusiasm of my helpers I would not have been able to do it.”

Kevin Higgins is a renowned poet, literary critic and workshop facilitator living in Galway. As a youth, Higgins started out as a political activist in London, fighting for egality and justice from the left of the mainstream. In the 1990s, he settled in Galway where he has become somewhat of a literary activist fighting for the right of everybody to engage in creative writing. A rebel by nature, he revolutionised the literary scene in Galway, not to the delight of all writers and literati. But by now literary Galway would be unthinkable without Kevin Higgins. He visited Basel from november, 7 to november, 10.

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