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Stories and Songs in Two Languages

A biligual Literary and Musical Apéro will take place on 7 February at the GGG Library Basel West. Author Esther Murbach will read from her short story collection “Hollywood Mansion”, her first book combining English and German texts. Half of the tales are inspired by Ireland, where the author feels very much at home, others are set in Basel and Israel. Esther Murbach has been a journalist and translator for most of her life and lives in Basel.

Singer/songwriter Olaf Kirchgraber writes lyrics in Swiss German and English, and also sets them to music. The mood of his songs ranges from tender and melancholy to ironic and satirical. He will accompany his “soulful singing to rough texts” on the guitar. Olaf Kirchgraber lives in Laufenburg and works as an English teacher in Rheinfelden.

Literary and Musical Apéro at the Library Basel West on 7 February, starting at 7 pm. Public transport: Tram 6 to Allschwilerplatz or Bus 36 to Morgartenring. Admission: 10 CHF.

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