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Strasbourg-Monument – now and then

By Shirley Kearney, Photo: Guido Wasser

When the Strasbourg Monument went under a restoration-scaffolding in late June, it was covered with a half centimetre of dirt.

However, the Carrara marble was not as severely damaged as feared. Therefore, the cost was reduced by one third to CHF 300,000. In order to minimise future damage, a fine, white chalk layer was applied. It was freed from its scaffolding on 22 October.

A point of irony was cited in a description of the renovation as many German restorers worked on the project. The monument was given by the French to Basel in recognition of the salvation, by Switzerland, of 1500 women, children and elderly living in Strasbourg during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870.

The remarkable difference in its appearance can be noted while looking at the new images below, while comparing them to those which appeared in the article posted on the homepage on 27 June. Better yet is paying a personal homage.Strasbourg Monument Guido's front view

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