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English Guide through the Alsace

Have  you wanted to taste French cuisine, but not sure where to go?  BookCoverHave  you hosted a dinner party and not sure what the right French cheeses and  wine to serve?  The answers to these questions and more are waiting for  you in The Expat’s Guide to Southern  Alsace. Amanda Vo Park and Susie Woodhams have pulled together, after  months of research and interviews with local experts, a guide to the best of  Southern Alsace – written by expats for expats.  And what’s more: the guide is available in e-book format for download from Amazon.com  You can also  purchase the book on Amazon France, Germany, or the U.K. site.
What  should you expect from this dining, shopping, and recreation  guide?
-  In-depth reviews on restaurants, shops, and recreation options, including  lists of bike paths, options for hikes to castle ruins, where to go for  rafting (yes, rafting just steps away) and more
-  Advice from local chessemakers and sommerliers about how to find the right  French cheeses and Alsatian wines along with pairing suggestions.
-  What to look for when shopping for meats and fish in local French stores,  including how to use the French labeling system to find the highest  quality
- A  history of how this dynamic region has evolved to become the fascinating and  fun area it is today

The authors have spent half a year interviewing and gathering information from historians,  business owners, town halls, and locals to create this  guide. And in addition to the expat’s guide, Hey have also created a website  and  Facebook page, where they will blog about happenings in the  area.

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