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Nostalgia and Thrills Galore at the 543rd Herbstmesse (Autumn Fair)

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For two weeks beginning this Saturday, Basel’s city centre will be given over once again to the sounds, sights and impressions of the annual Autumn Fair. For the first time this year, the venues will include the whole of the completely redesigned Exhibition Square, as well as the covered space dubbed “the City Lounge,” which lies under the giant oculus connecting the square exhibition halls. Delighting all who hark back to the good old days, indoor rides under the theme “Super 80s” will excite fair goers in Hall 3 on Riehenring, where originals such as the Ghost Train from the Prater in Vienna also captivate.

Naturally, the Autumn Fair sites also include the space by the Kaserne, where the wildest rides thrill fair enthusiasts, and on the Grossbasel side of the Rhine, where the classic “Häfelimärt” (pottery market) on Petersplatz entices its regular audience, and the big Ferris wheel on Münsterplatz offers its spectacular views of Basel. Or, let the 40-metre-high swing ride whirl you skywards from Barfüsserplatz.

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