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Schappo award goes to the young people of “Imagine”


Every summer the Barfüsserplatz hosts a music festival entitled “Imagine” that features numerous young bands and draws thousands of spectators. But in fact, there’s something going on under the “Imagine” motto all year round, with lots of youngsters helping to prepare the festival’s side events. Under the sponsorship of the charity “Terre des hommes”, young volunteers also organize workshops aimed at making their contemporaries more aware of the issues of racism, discrimination and social exclusion. It was specifically for this work that the City of Basel awarded the young people of “Imagine” this year’s Schappo* prize, with which it honours special achievements in the social field. In recognition, the city government has put up posters featuring this year’s prize winners all over the city centre.


*From the custom of doffing one’s hat (French chapeau) as a sign of congratulation or respect.


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