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The second treat

The Badminton Team European Championships early February were the starter; now the aficionados of this sport in Basel are looking forward to the main course, the Badminton Swiss Open (11 – 16 March).

By Martin Pütter

The starter was struggling against another major sporting event; the main course, however, will be almost undisturbed. Early in February the Badminton Team European Championships were facing competition from the Olympic Winter Games being held in Sochi at the same time, and thus played to a largely empty stadium. But the Badminton Swiss Open in Basel, held for the 24th time, will certainly draw an audience: During the tournament at the St. Jakob-Halle there is no other major sporting event (although rugby fans would contradict because of the Six Nations), and in contrast to the European event, this time all the world’s top badminton players will be competing –not just for the prize money (US$ 125,000), but also for points that decide the world ranking and qualification for the World Championships.

Details about the tournament are available on the official website:

Basel Swiss Open (English)

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