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Basel English Panto Group presents “Beauty and the Beast”

By Martin Pütter (the picture shows «Mother Goose», played in 2012)8255139067_5455c19fea_z

If you want to know another aspect of how the British tick, visit a pantomime. These very particular plays are integral parts of the British pre-Christmas season. Since 1994 the Basel English Panto Group has been performing these plays, much to the delight of expats living in the Basel area, and so far, largely – and unjustly – ignored by most locals.

The Basel Panto Group have been performing these traditional, typically British plays to entertain the audience, to give them a bit of British culture abroad and for the love of doing it.

They will perform “Beauty and the Beast” at the Scala Theatre Basel from 5 December through to 8 December. Tickets may be purchased from Ticketino.com or over the counter at many locations, including Bider & Tanner. For more information, see their homepage: www.baselpanto.org.

You can also learn more about the Basel Panto Group by reading the printed edition of our magazine that is about to be issued the next few days. If you want to receive our printed editions, please subscribe to “The Basel Journal for CHF 48 (four issues a year)image[1]

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