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Basel’s Head of the River Race

CP8O4521This weekend Basel aims to prove once again that rowing is also very popular outside the Anglo-Saxon countries. For the fourth time, boats will compete in the long-distance race “Basel Head” on the Rhine. The 6.4 kilometres that the crews have to cover is almost identical with the famous “Head of the River Race” in London that takes place on a 6.7 kilometre long stretch of the Thames between Mortlake and Putney.

IMG_8294Start and finish for the boats – eights – in the “Basel Head” race is the historical “Mittlere Brücke” – the oldest existing bridge over the Rhine between Lake Constance and Rotterdam. For this year’s event the organisers have raised the entry to a total of 80 boats. Detailed information about the race – in German, English and French – is available on the home page of “Basel Head.”

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