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InterNations Basel: Global Network for New Arrivals

PR/by Internations

Switzerland is an attractive location for industry, business and research, which enjoys immense popularity among new arrivals from abroad. A job in Switzerland often turns out to be a major career boost. Basel, the biggest city in the “tri-country area”, where Switzerland borders on Germany and France, is no exception to this trend.

According to the canton’s statistics office, every third resident of Basel-Stadt was born outside Switzerland. Basel thus exceeds the average national demographic for non-Swiss residents, which is 24 per cent. Those newcomers who have just moved to Switzerland and now need to get connected will find a “home away from home” in the InterNations online community.

InterNations is the largest expat network worldwide, aimed at everyone living and working abroad. The German start-up has been online since 2007; it now connects over 1 million members in 390 cities across the globe. The website’s distinct advantage lies in combining an online community (e.g. local forums and editorial Country & City Guides) and various offline activities.

On InterNations, Switzerland is among the top five expat destinations. Nearly four per cent of all members are currently living here; in total, there are ten Local Communities in Swiss cities from Bern to Zurich. Unsurprisingly, the biggest community is cosmopolitan Geneva, but there are as many as 5,000 members in the Basel area, too.

Local life in the InterNations communities is organized by so-called Ambassadors – pro-active members with an international background who commit on a voluntary basis and regularly invite to expat events. At the moment, Alexa is the InterNations Ambassador in Basel. A Swiss national from a British-Hungarian family, she’s polyglot, well connected, and an experienced event manager. No wonder the InterNations Basel Community is flourishing!

One or two official InterNations Events are scheduled in Basel every month. Over the past few months, the event calendar featured a variety of get-togethers, including a Venetian masquerade ball, summer cocktails on a rooftop terrace, and “newcomer drinks” for new InterNations members and new expat residents in Basel. On average, such events attract 140-230 guests from up to 50 countries. If you would also like to be part of the experience, please visit InterNations.org!

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