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«My Irish West Coast»

red. As part of the Book Night on 7 November, Esther Murbach will be reading her poems in English inspired by the Irish west coast and talking about the literary scene in Galway.

_DSC3777murbach_Sepia_smile_NEUThe author and journalist Esther Murbach grew up and lives in Basel. In addition to her novels, she has also written poetry in German and French. She has developed a close relationship with Ireland over the last three years, and has therefore added poems in English to the collection. Since 2012, Esther Murbach has also been involved in the literary scene in Ireland. The “Galway Diary ” was composed in April 2014 during the Cúirt International Festival of Literature in Galway.

Basel’s Book Night is part of “BuchBasel”, the International Literature Festival, which runs from 6 to 9 November. The Swiss Book Award will also be presented during the Festival. Esther Murbach’s reading will be at 7 pm in the Freie Musikschule (free music school) at Gellertstrasse 33.



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