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“Time in Flux” – The story of a journey down the Rhine


The Rhine meanders from the Swiss Alps in Graubünden through Central Europe and then flows into the North Sea in Holland. In total the Rhine stretches over 769.7 miles, 548 of which are used for shipping. The river that flows through Basel is not just one of the busiest waterways in the world; there is much more to it. Photographer Elke Fischer and journalist Sabine Theil put together various shipping exhibitions in 2008, and as part of this cultural project, they went on a five day journey along the Rhine, from Basel to Rotterdam. To gain insight into the fascinating world of shipping, they made this trip on a Danser container vessel. Theil said, “After our trip we were completely inspired by the atmosphere on the boat and on the Rhine.”


So it was clear for both of them that they would do this trip again and that the next time they would capture their experiences in writing or in images. Their shipping exhibition was well received, and visitors were greatly interested. So Theil and Fischer looked into whether books had already been published on similar projects. “We found that most of the books only described the trip itself and did not cover everyday life on the boat”, Fischer said.


They joined the same Danser vessel’s crew they had been with in 2008 and set off on their two week tour along the Rhine in September 2009. Read more about their book Time in Flux in our latest issue 3/13 (starting on page 22), now online.


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