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Bringing Communities Together

Welcome to our online magazine about Basel and its greater area.  It is everything that makes this funny city of ours tick. Of course, the book about Basel is still being written, but the backstories to what you experience while living here are what drive us. We hope to connect Basel citizens and the many English speaking expats, both of whom love Basel and want to learn more about the city they live in. More than a calendar of events, we paint stories about society, culture, sports, business and Basel events, as well as regular columns.  There is something for everyone.  We invite you to share in the discussion, in both German and in English!
The Basel Journal team, the authors, photographers, editors and translators, create our product pro bono. Your donation supports our costs  and our journalists’ efforts to deliver top notch investigative journalism.  Please become part of the project by donating.

The team:

Editor-in-Chief: Martin Pütter

Writers: Martin Pütter, Sabine Theil, Shirley L. Kearney, Ella Revitt, Benjamin Spencer, Dr. Nicole J. Bettlé

Photographers: Kathrin Horn, Natascha Jansen

Translators: Bronwen Saunders, Mandy Freschi, Martin Pütter, Nigel Hulbert

Copy Editing: Martin Pütter, Andi Curran, Nigel Hulbert

Contact us:

The Basel Journal
c/o Martin Pütter
Gilgenbergerstrasse 11
CH-4053 Basel

Phone: +41 (0)61 321 66 90
E-Mail: info(at)thebaseljournal(dot)ch

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