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Basel’s first Laughter Competition

Basel’s first ever laughter competition takes place on Sunday, 16 February from 1.30 pm to 5 pm at the cultural centre Union at Klybeckstrasse 95. The laughlete (contestant) having the most contagious laugh during a series of dramatic laughter challenges wins. The audience is the jury. The most important criterion for the laughter competition is: who has the most natural and contagious laugh?

Laughter yoga trainer Claude Messer is the organizer of the championship. If you’d like to participate or just plan to watch, you can register with him online. (www.liebeundlebedeinlachen.ch).

Laughter yoga was founded by Madan Kataria in India in 1995. The first laughter competition took place over ten years ago, with the “All India Laughter Contest” attracting a couple of thousand laughletes. Since then there have been more contests in different countries: Montreal in 2011, followed by Japan, France, Austria, Slovenia and last April in the United States.

As a dose of laughter is always beneficial to our well- being, this program could be a fine service and fun. Laughing is not restricted by language, but the delivery which provokes it might be. Laughter is a positively contagious act. (Shirley L. Kearney)

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