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Tell me how you live

By Museum of Domestic Culturre, Photo: Haus zum Kirschgarten by Heinz Unger, Schlieren/Zürich

Guided tour (in English) by Salome Hohl at the HMB – Museum of Domestic Culture, Sunday, June, 22, 11.15 am.

How do I live and what does my home say about me as a person? The exhibition “Tell me how you live…” is devoted to something that concerns us all: the home. Domestic interiors tell us about the personalities, preferences, idiosyncrasies and lifestyle of their inhabitants. The home is where our most personal world unfolds, which is why it is sometimes described as a “mirror of the soul.”
The Haus zum Kirschgarten bears the personal stamp of the man who had it built as business premises and private home rolled into one: the Basel merchant and silk-ribbon manufacturer Johann Rudolf Burckhardt (1750–1813). Now used as a museum, its period rooms furnished in 18th- and 19th-century style shed light on various aspects of domestic culture in times past, at the same time pointing ahead to the present. Photographs of contemporary interiors from “Wer wohnt da?” (“Who lives there?”), the lifestyle section of the NZZ magazine Folio, and portraits of Basel interiors created specially for the exhibition reflect the eclectic range of interior styles that is a feature of modern life.


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