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Good news for fishing expats: you can now take the test in English too

Expats who fancy going fishing in the Basel area now face much lower administrative obstacles, thanks to Oliver Streuli.

By Martin Pütter

Previously, expats keen on fishing in the Basel area had few opportunities. This was not because of a lack of fishable waters – there are plenty of those around, as The Basel Journal reported in a recent print issue (No. 11, September/October 2013). But the Swiss seem to love their life highly regulated, so a few years ago they introduced a fishing test that you have to take before you can apply for a fishing licence. And in some cantons – Basel-Stadt is one of them – you need to produce proof of having passed the exam even for a day ticket.

The test itself is not difficult, but previously you had to take it in either German, French or Italian. For many expats that was (is) quite an obstacle. However, Oliver Streuli, himself a keen fisherman, came up with a solution. He is offering the SaNa course in English (SaNa stands for “Sachkunde-Nachweis”, roughly translated as “proof of competence”). The first one took place in Zurich-Oerlikon on 31 May 2014 and was almost immediately fully booked. “I might still fit in another course or two this year,” he told The Basel Journal. If you are interested in sitting the fishing exam, check Oliver’s website, www.swissfishingtest.ch.

Removing the language barrier was not the only reason for Streuli – who has a very Swiss name but was born in the USA – to translate the course material into English. “There are so many misconceptions among expats as to what is and what isn’t allowed. Part of the reason for doing this is to clear all that up.”

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