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Upcoming Beer Market – in Mulhouse, september 5 to 8


Last Saturday, Basel had its first ever “Beer Market”, and it was a huge success. At the Vogesenplatz, the atmosphere was more than festive. All the degustation lovers and beer drinkers flocked there from 4 pm onwards.  The event revealed once again that local beer from small-scale breweries is growing in popularity. Similar observations were also quoted in The Basel Journal, issue June / July, 2012.

Basel’s newest brewers were also on the scene – although without beer. Sandro Waser and Tizian Würth of “Basiliske Beer” were introduced to the public at this year’s “em Bebbi sy Jazz” (Basel jazz festival, traditionally in August). They still operate on a small scale and are apprentices.

Nevertheless, as they arrived to the Beer Market last Saturday, they were immediately contacted. Sandro Waser remarked that “people are curious to know about the availability of our beer. They slipped their business cards to us and want to be notified immediately” about our production.  There appears to be a lot of work ahead for the duo.

For those of you who missed the Basel Beer Market or didn’t have your “fill’, the event will take place once again this coming weekend in Mulhouse (France) – “Mondiale de la Bière Europe”. The market that will begin on Thursday will last until Sunday. The market is open on Friday and Saturday, from 11 am to 11 pm, and on Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm, at the “Parc des Expositions de Mulhouse”, rues Lefebvre.

The degustation works the same as it did in Basel: take a cup against a deposit, buy chips and exchange them for beer.

By Stéphanie Erni, English translation by Kanchan Dongre

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