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Real Castles – Imaginary Knights? In the Museum of History / Barfüsserkirche

Plakat_ritter_batmanGlinting armour and longswords, romantic castles and minstrels – our images of the chivalric way of life are riddled with clichés. The exhibition “Real Castles – Imaginary Knights?” will turn the spotlight on how knights and the castles they inhabited have been idealized over the centuries. Taking an approach that is both informative and entertaining, it will present the latest findings of medieval historians and time travel from the Middle Ages to the present. It will examine where reality ends and fantasy begins, from the first knights to Batman and Co., from primitive wooden fortresses to the turreted castles of fairy-tales.

The Museum proposes the following guided tour in English:

Sunday, 15 December,  11.15 a.m.
with Salome Hohl. Participation in the tour is free. The Museum entrance costs CHF 12.-

For more information and booking of private tours: Tel. +41 (0)61 205 86 70 or visit www.hmb.ch

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