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A market to quench a specific phobia

The Basel Beer Market has experienced a growing popularity – and comes up with a premiere in 2016.

By Martin Pütter

Anybody suffering from “Cenosillicaphobia” absolutely must – repeat: must – visit Vogesenplatz this last weekend of August. The 4th beer market taking place there contributes significantly to massively reduce the symptoms of the “fear of empty (beer) glasses”. Science may have discovered this phobia only very recently; however, beer aficionados are familiar with this phenomenon since their favourite tipple was first brewed – and the oldest surviving remains of beer date back to around 3’500 BC. Archaeologists strongly believe that beer may have been brewed long before this time.


© 2016 Copyright Basler Biermarkt

The lovers of the local beers might be less interested in beer trivia and more interested in the various special brews being offered by a total of 24 small and micro-breweries, both from town and country and from other corners of Switzerland. Two guest breweries – White Frontier/Verbier and Sunnegg Brau/Grächen – are located in the canton of Valais, another is from the Bernese Alps (Simmentaler Bier/Lenk) and Bier Factory is from Rapperswil (St. Gallen). And the organisers have come up with a premiere: For the first time, the Beer Market is over two days – on Friday (26 August) and on Saturday (27 August).

Taking place over two days proves that the (still very young) Beer Market has already firmly established itself in Basel’s event calendar – and this despite competition this weekend from the Klosterbergfest in Basel and from the Roman Festival in Augusta Raurica. Even the local media have discovered and emphasised the growing popularity of regional craft beers – in late February this year, for example, the Basler Zeitung had an article spread over two pages about a tasting of a wide range of local craft beers, including tasting notes and ranking.


© 2016 Copyright Basler Biermarkt

4. Basel Beer Market
Friday, 26 August 2016, 5-11pm
Saturday, 27 August 2016, 4-10pm

Participating breweries:
Kitchen Brew, Basel
Roscha Bräu, Frenkendorf
Ueli Bier, Basel
Basiliske Bier, Basel
Baselbieter Bier, Ziefen
Volta Bräu, Basel
Unser Bier, Basel
Ruecherei, Bubendorf
Die Bierbarone, Basel
Sunnegg Brau/Haus, Grächen
Simmentaler Bier, Lenk
ArliBrau, Arlesheim
White Frontier, Verbier
St. Johannsbräu, Basel
Stocha Bräu, Rodersdorf
Em Basler sy Bier, Basel
Chastelbach, Himmelried
Schwarzbuebe Bier, Nuglar
Rössli Bier, Füllinsdorf
Beer Guerrillas, Pratteln
Luusbueb Bier, Basel
Gleis 1, Basel
BrauBudeBasel, Basel
Bier Factory, Rapperswil



Main picture: © 2012 Kathrin Horn / 2016 Basler Biermarkt

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