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A Snow White you never knew

By Martin Pütter

All those familiar with Snow White in the version by the Brothers Grimm or with the famous Disney film will be in for a few surprises if they watch “Snow White & The 7 Dwarvz” as performed by the Basel Pantomime group. 

Many Brits, including those in the Basel area, are looking forward to the weeks leading up to Christmas. This has less to do with anticipating presents or Christmas dinner but more with a British tradition: during those weeks just before Christmas many theatres on the British Isles perform plays from the “pantomime” repertoire. And the Basel English Pantomime Group has introduced this tradition to our region as well – under the motto: “every Christmas something magical happens in Basel.”

This year they perform “Snow White & The 7 Dwarvz”. The spelling of the title already suggests that it will be quite a distinctive version of the famous fairytale, differing from the version that was published in the collection by the Brothers Grimm or from the equally famous animated film: “Forget everything Disney taught you – this is Snow White as it REALLY happened. Maybe.”, the producers wrote, their tongues firmly in cheek, on the website www.ticketino.com where tickets for this year’s pantomime performances are available.

For non-Brits: pantomime, as the Brits know it, developed partly from the Italian Commedia dell’Arte and is, to put it simply, a *Rocky Horror Picture Show” for kids and those young at heart. If you are interested in further information about pantomime and the Basel English Pantomime Group then  please read the print edition of The Basel Journal, issue 12 (pp. 24-31).

„Snow White & The 7 Dwarvz“ at „Theater Scala “, Freie Strasse 89, Basel.


4 December, 7.30pm

5 December, 7.30pm

6 December, 2pm // 7.30pm

7 December, 1pm // 5pm

Doors open half an hour before the start of the performance.

Prices: CHF 35.00 / CHF 22.00 (students, concessions)
Additional charges may apply

Further information about Basel Panto: www.baselpanto.org

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