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A toast to Basel’s regional beers

Beer is definitely no longer something you just gulp down to quench your thirst, but a drink to savour. Recently, the Basel region has seen the emergence of numerous creative craft breweries producing an innovative range of beers. This coming Saturday 30 August, from 4 pm till 10 pm, a dozen regional craft brewers will be presenting their cherished products at the 2nd Basel Beer Market.

So go along to Vogesenplatz in the St. Johann quarter and try a selection from the region’s broad and ever-expanding range – over 30 different craft brews are available for you to taste. And of course there will be a variety of foods for you to sample as well: beer ragout, crispy fish nuggets, grilled meats, Thai noodles and more.

You will also be able to follow the beer-brewing process live and watch a brewer as she works. The beer, a Belgian dubbel, will be ready for drinking at the St. Johann Market on 15 November.2. Bierdeckel hinten


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