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City library goes digital

Bookworms among locals and expats alike are already aware that the “GGG Stadtbibliothek Basel” has a huge selection of books and other media in English – and now membership to the city’s library allows access to digital media.

By Anne-Lise Hilty and Martin Pütter

The locals in Basel are all aware of what “GGG” stands for: The “society for the good and the common benefit” (the unofficial English translation according to Wikipedia) is a very active private non-profit organisation – and among many other things it is in charge of the “Stadtbibliothek Basel” (the city’s library), with the main library at the recently rebuilt Schmiedenhof plus eight branches. A few expats will alreadyknow the Basel-West branch at Allschwilerstrasse. There, the city’s library has the largest selection of English books on offer, and the American Women’s Club of Basel quite often holds events and meetings there.

Now the GGG Stadtbibliothek Basel are increasing the number of digitally available media, adding not only age-appropriate titles for children and young people, but also a huge number of media in English. Members can find these digital media on the city library’s website by clicking on biblio24.ch, allowing access to an amazing digital collection in English. The Overdrive app lets you borrow eBooks and audiobooks from your local library. The introduction of digital media in English meant both for expats that would like to read or hear media in their mother tongue and for those users who prefer the original version to a translated or dubbed version.

Overdrive is a US-American library service provider, serving over 27’000 libraries worldwide, and is considered a pioneer in the field of digital content. It offers a wide range of eBooks and audiobooks in all genres and is compatible with almost any device currently available.

For children and teenagers, “Onleihe Junior” is available (the name derives from the merging of the English word “online” the and German word “Ausleihe” – “borrowing”). In addition to what is already available via “Onleihe”, this includes media for children just learning to read, right through to youth literature. Access to digital media is possible either via valid library membership or with an exclusive online library subscription (at CHF 30.00 p.a.).

Of course, you will also find German digital media both for adults and children on the biblio24.ch platform . Digital media will be automatically returned after 21 days and a maximum of 8 digital media items on each application may be borrowed per user account. biblio24.ch is a digital lending platform of the following affiliated libraries: Aarau, Basel, Winterthur, Zurich and Zofingen.

Anne-Lise Hilty is member of the executive committee of the “GGG Stadtbibliothek”, in charge of communication and Fundraising.

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  1. Very interesting information that I was not aware of.
    Many thx.

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