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Running underneath Basel’s glittering illumination

Basel’s Christmas season starts on 28 November. The Christmas market held on Barfüsserplatz and Münsterplatz, now one of the biggest worldwide, invites all to stroll, indulge and drink mulled wine. The whole Old Town district shines thanks to the many Christmas lights lining the streets along with the many Christmas trees. In particular, there’ll be a tree decorated by Christmas specialist Johann Wanner on Münsterplatz. And it’s no secret that a Christmas atmosphere is found all year round in the Wanner store on Spalenberg.

An additional highlight of the season, both for the runners and the spectators, is the Basel City Run on Saturday 30 November. The event begins at 5 pm with the youth races, followed at 6 pm by the various adult categories. The starting line is on Münsterplatz, and the finishing line on Marktplatz. Anyone who fancies a run through the festively lit Old Town has time until 5 pm on 30 November to sign up. (http://www.stadtlauf.ch/) A good place for spectators to watch is on Freie Strasse, since all the runners will be passing through here. Starting at 9 pm is the elite run, which always attracts entries from international running stars.Basler_Stadtlauf2CA_0

And if you feel like dropping in somewhere afterwards, the “Kellerabstieg” in Grossbasel takes place the same evening, opening the doors to various Cliquen- and Guggenmusik-Keller (Fasnacht groups’ meeting places). Those on the outskirts are open for visitors and guests, but not those in the Old Town. You can download an app with details. (http://kaellerabstieg.ch/de/)


One Response to “Running underneath Basel’s glittering illumination”

  1. Prissy Herd says:

    Very informative! If I was there the run would be something I would love to watch.

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