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Sometimes top, sometimes flop

Swiss as friends: mission impossible? schweizAlphorn2

The Swiss will have mixed feelings when they are reading a survey by bank HSBC, in which expats have given marks for their host countries. In short: in public top, in private flop. Not surprisingly Switzerland takes number one spot when it comes to public transport; making friends, however, is nigh on impossible. Among 37 countries surveyed Switzerland carries the wooden spoon.

The Swiss media seem to be dismayed by the survey. As headline to an article (in German only) about it the online edition of the Basler Zeitung chose: “The country where you cannot find friends.” If you believe a German woman you had lived in Switzerland for several decades this is spot on: “In some countries or cities you have to swallow a sack of salt before you can make friends with the locals – in Switzerland you can swallow as much salt as you want…”

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