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Take time for beer

Visitors to the second Basel Beer Market at Vogesenplatz were spoilt for choice: Basel’s small and micro breweries presented a large selection of their various beers.

By Martin Pütter

For all those who would like to visit the Basel Beer Market last Saturday in August next year, a tip: please come early. Basel’s small and micro breweries had been offering a wide selection of their various beers. Anyone only turning up at Vogesenplatz, in front of the St.Johann train station, certainly missed a lot and was only able to taste and savour a fraction of what was on offer. And those who preferred other events or stayed away altogether missed an exclusive brew made just for this event and only sold there: the St. Johanns-brew.

Where fruity or bitter, clear or dark – Basel’s beer brewers had something on offer for everyone. Even the many expats in our region got their taste buds tickled, for example with an Indian Pale Ale (by brewery “Gleis 1” = platform 1) or a MacUeli (a dark beer by brewery Ueli-Bier), to name but two. Attendance was already high at the opening of business in the afternoon, and some of the stands had sold every drop of their beer towards the end of the evening. Judging by this success beer lovers are hoping there will be a third beer market at the end of August next year.

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